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Team Fight

Overall Team Position: 326
Overall Team Score: (Down 0.996763 points0.996763)  16,740.850606

Project Team Name/Team Identifier Position Score
Physical Science  
Asteroids@home No Team
Cosmology@Home No Team
Einstein@Home No Team
LHC@Home - SixTrack project No Team
MilkyWay@Home No Team
Seti (BOINC) No Team
Universe@home No Team
Physical Science Total  
Biological And Medical Science  
Folding@Home Team Fight
(Down 13 places13)     6,649
9,444.453730   (Down 1.072456 points1.072456) 
Rosetta@Home No Team
TN-Grid No Team
Biological And Medical Science Total  
9,444.453730   (Down 1.072456 points1.072456) 
Amicable Numbers No Team
Collatz Conjecture No Team
Enigma@Home No Team
NFS@Home No Team
NumberFields@Home No Team
OGR-28 No Team
PrimeGrid No Team
RakeSearch No Team
RC5-72 No Team
SRBase No Team
VGTU project@Home No Team
Mathematical Total  
Distributed Hardware Evolution Project No Team
The Citizen Science Grid No Team
World Community Grid Team Fight
7,296.396876   (Up 0.075693 points0.075693) 
YAFU No Team
yoyo@home No Team
Miscellaneous Total  
7,296.396876   (Up 0.075693 points0.075693) 

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