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Overall Team Position:0
Overall Team Score:0.000000

ProjectTeam Name/Team IdentifierPositionScore
Physical Science 
Climate PredictionNo Team
[email protected]No Team
EonNo Team
Leiden ClassicNo Team
Muon1 Distributed Particle Accelerator DesignNo Team
[email protected]No Team
Seasonal Attribution ProjectNo Team
Seti (BOINC)No Team
[email protected]No Team
[email protected]No Team
Biological And Medical Science 
Community TSCNo Team
D2OL - SengentNo Team
[email protected]No Team
[email protected]No Team
[email protected]No Team
[email protected]No Team
World Community GridNo Team
[email protected]No Team
EulerNetNo Team
OGR-25No Team
PI SegmentNo Team
Prime Sierpinski Problem - PRPNo Team
Prime Sierpinski Problem - SieveNo Team
PrimeGridNo Team
RC5-72No Team
Rectilinear Crossing NumberNo Team
Riesel Sieve Project - BOINCNo Team
Riesel Sieve Project - LLRNo Team
Riesel Sieve Project - SieveNo Team
Seventeen Or BustNo Team
Seventeen Or Bust - SieveNo Team
SZTAKI Desktop GridNo Team
DimesNo Team
Majestic-12No Team
MoneyBeeNo Team